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AKC Red Miniature Poodle
13 lb, 14" to shoulders

ee, KBky, atat, BB, SS, mm

Fully furnished, ++ curl

Charlie has one of the most mellow, laid back (non-Alpha) temperaments we have ever witnessed in our dogs. He goes with the flow and adapts to any new situation. He never meets a stranger and he's very friendly and outgoing. He has a lower energy level and he's primarily motivated by getting love and cuddles.

Charlie has correct conformation and a nice square build. He comes from a line of dark red poodles and he carries the Intense Red gene (9/10). His Dam was imported from Russia and she has European and Canadian show ring champions in her lineage.


Charlie earned his OFA CHIC for completing all health testing recommended for miniature poodles. 

Charlie's Puppies



AKC Red Parti Miniature Poodle
9 lb, 13" to shoulders

ee, KBky, atat, BB, spsp, mm

Fully furnished, +- curl

Fritz is named after Dr. Schultz's horse from the movie "Django." He is a total lap dog. His happy place is being in a lap, on a chest, spooning with his poodle siblings - he loves a good cuddle. He's also highly intelligent. He figured out how to ring a bell to go potty in just a few days, and he can perform several tricks.

Fritz has 2 different AKC Champions on his maternal side. He has excellent conformation and he passed his health testing with flying colors. He earned his OFA CHIC which recognizes dogs who have passed health standards as specified by the national breed clubs.

Fritz carries the Intense Red gene (8/10), and he has the right genetics for siring miniature Bernedoodles with classic tri colors. He carries one copy of the curly coat gene and one copy of the wavy/straight coat gene as verified by Embark and Paw Print Genetics. He also consistently throws puppies with symmetrical facial masks.

Fritz's Puppies