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About Us

Who are you?

Hi! We're Mark and Crystal Klaus, the owners of Klaus Poodles. We live in Spring, Texas with our three sons.

I'm an IT Analyst for an oil and gas company and Mark runs a manufacturing plant that makes aluminum cans (Texans love their beer!).

Why did you choose the poodle breed?

Little did I know when I met Mark, that we both shared an affinity towards poodles. I grew up with standard poodles and Mark's childhood dog was a cockapoo who he adored so much he included him in his High School Senior portrait! Plus, Mark and our oldest son are allergy sufferers. Poodles don't shed so they are perfect for those who have allergies.

Why did you start breeding?

In the process of trying to find our first family dog (pet only, breeding was NOT on our radar at the time), we discovered a shortage of AKC miniature poodle breeders in the Houston area and our local poodle rescue disqualified us from adopting because of our small children. We eventually ended up finding a poodle in Denton, Texas, however that was also a nightmare.

As luck would have it (if you can call breaking your wrist good luck), I broke my wrist in early 2020 and during my 5 weeks of bed "rest", I had the time to research and educate myself on breeding, get my husband onboard, and design our website and social media platforms using only my good wrist and my iPhone!

It also didn't hurt that we ended up falling head-over-heels in love with that poodle puppy from Denton and, after performing extensive health testing which he passed with flying colors, we knew we had our foundation dog (That dog by the way is our Charlie boy and he's truly my best buddy and spirit animal!). Our program grew from there thanks to the help of our wonderful Guardian families, and it's been an amazing journey ever since!

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