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Our Story

Hi! We're Mark and Crystal Klaus (rhymes with "house"), the owners of Klaus Poodles. We live in Spring, Texas with our three sons and three miniature poodles.

Little did I know when I met Mark that we share an affinity towards poodles. My family was a Guardian for a show ring poodle when I was in elementary school and my standard poodle, "Eva the Diva", was a wonderful companion when I was in my 20s. Mark adored his cockapoo, Bortholomew Jackson Klaus ("BoBo"), so much that he included him in his High School Senior portrait!

Going with a poodle for our first family dog was an easy choice considering Mark and our oldest son are allergic to pet dander and poodles are a low shedding breed. We couldn't find any AKC miniature poodle breeders in the Houston area and our local poodle rescue disqualified us from adopting because of our small children, so we ended up buying a puppy from a breeder in Denton, Texas.

Breeding never even entered our minds when we were buying Charlie. Neither of us come from a family of dog breeders and we had zero experience in this area. However, after getting a clean bill of health from our vet and verifying he wasn't a carrier for any genetic health disorders, I decided to offer Charlie as a stud to other breeders before his neuter procedure. To my surprise, my phone blew up with requests. I'm curious by nature and I love to read, so before I knew it, I was spending my free time researching the topic of dog breeding and pretty soon I had a new hobby. Seeing Charlie's adorable puppies also didn't hurt!

Under normal circumstances, starting up a business wouldn't have been feasible. I was working full-time and taking care of 3 small children. But right around the time that Charlie was booking his first few stud jobs, I broke my wrist. During my 5 weeks of bed "rest" after my surgery, I had some extra time on my hands (pun intended!) to schedule Charlie's remaining health tests which he passed with flying colors. I also found a reproductive vet 20 minutes from our house and designed our website and social media platforms using my good wrist and my iPhone. 


At first, we were just offering stud service to approved breeders. We don't live on acreage so raising puppies inside our house in the 'burbs seemed like a momentous task. I also wasn't sure how I could part with the puppies (This part is still hard. Thank goodness for owner photos and updates!). 

As time went on and our online community grew, I found that a lot of other poodle lovers were having just as much trouble finding a local AKC breeder as we did. Doodle breeders were a dime a dozen (don't get me wrong, I don't have anything against doodles, I'm a dog lover!), but there's a lot less AKC miniature poodle breeders. Somehow, I talked my sweet husband into letting me buy a couple of female poodles and Klaus Poodles was born.

As a puppy buyer myself, I knew the pains of searching for a breeder and feelings of disappointment when breeders aren't fully transparent and cut corners, especially when it comes to registration paperwork accuracy, parent health testing, puppy socialization, veterinary exams and preventative care. I wanted to create a program unlike any one out there that shattered stereotypes about breeders that people can trust for quality. And above all, I wanted to ensure our dogs were treated with the utmost respect and honor that they deserve with lots of love and spoiling.

With the help of our incredible Guardian families, we've been able to expand our program while staying true to our original vision — to breed healthy, beautiful poodles with outstanding temperaments. and to bring you along while we do it.

Drop us a line below and tell us YOUR story!

- Crystal & Mark Klaus, Owners

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