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Our Program

The temperament of our puppies is so important. We want our families to have the same experience we had when we brought home our first family dog, Charlie. Charlie never met a stranger, never destroyed anything in our house or required any professional training to behave, and he was just a laid-back, go-with-the-flow type of dog that adapted and adjusted to any new situation, new person or dog. Just an all-around amazing dog. 

We believe good puppies like Charlie start with good parents. That's why we meticulously research and screen the dogs that we bring into our programs. We only buy dogs from breeders that perform health testing like we do. And we're usually on breeder wait lists for several years and pay top dollar because we know their dogs are worth it. 

And sometimes we strike out and end up with a dog that doesn't have the right characteristics like our Charlie and even though it pains us, we have to make the tough decision to spay/neuter some of our dogs because they just aren't quite right for our program.

Quality, health, and socialization of each Klaus Poodles puppy
- Careful selection of parents, health selection

- All parents are AKC registered (poodles) or CKC (cavapoos) with well documented 4+ generation pedigrees, we select ethical breeders with similar values and programs to work with that have up to 2 year long wait lists and we don't mind waiting because we know their dogs are worth the wait.
- socialization with our dogs and young children
- raised in our home, underfoot with the normal sights and sounds of home life. Not locked in cages!


2) Treatment of our breeding Moms and Dads

Our top priority is the treatment of our Moms and Dads.

- pet insurance

- regular vet visits

- live inside loving homes (mention Guardian program)

- we don't breed females past the age of 5 for the safety and wellbeing of the female. We believe in letting them enjoy their older years in comfort and freedom from puppy rearing!

3) Buyer experience

- Screen hard!

- GoodDog who screens us hard too!

- One year health guarantee

- 30 days free pet insurance

- "White glove" service and full transparency - allowed to come to our home, sharing of parent testing, registration, pedigrees, etc. Updates on our Facebook group.

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