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Adults/Older Puppies

Occasionally we have older puppies/adult dogs that we need to rehome. These are usually top quality dogs ("breeder's pick") that are either at the end of their breeding career or breeding prospects that we later determine are not quite right for our program. We usually offer these dogs to pet homes at a heavily reduced rehoming fee of $500 or less.


The three (3) most common situations where we would have a need to rehome older dogs include:​

  • A puppy we held back for our program fails one or more health tests disqualifying him or her from our breeding program

  • A dog is deemed as no longer suitable for our program due to health concerns, concerns we have about their puppies, etc. 

  • A puppy or dog was returned to us due to the owner's health, owner passed away, owner moves to an apartment or home that doesn't allow dogs, etc. As ethical breeders, we stipulate in our contracts that we will take back any of our dogs in order to make sure that they don't wind up in shelters.


In all circumstances, we (the breeder) pay for the spay/neuter prior to the dog going to their new forever home.

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Our adults/older puppies usually get placed quickly. If you would like to be one of the first to be notified when we have an older puppy or adult dog that needs to be rehomed, sign up using the form below. Thank you!

Adults/Older Puppy Adoption
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