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Our current stud fees are listed on our Sire page and include up to two breedings 24-48 hours apart for fresh semen. We require $100 at time of booking and the rest at the time of service. If the female doesn't get pregnant, our contract guarantees a second breeding the next time she has a heat cycle at no additional stud fee.

We offer side-by-side insemination with fresh semen at our vet here in Houston, Texas or we can overnight chilled, extended semen to your vet for $350 per shipment anywhere in the US (contact us for international shipment information). We only do artificial insemination breeding (no live cover) and we require progesterone testing to ensure we time the insemination just right. We have a lot of experience with AI and shipping semen, so if this is your first time, we would be more than happy to walk you through the process.

We live 15 minutes from the vet and someone is always available to take Charlie, even when we are out of town (which is rare, especially these days!). 

We do not support puppy mills or large kennels. We screen every potential stud client very closely and require links to Social media profiles. We're doodle-friendly.

Check out our Facebook Page to see pictures of the beautiful, healthy puppies that our studs have sired!

Please complete this form to get the stud service reservation process started.

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