AKC Apricot Parti Miniature Poodle

13 lb, 14" tall

Luna is our sassy, spunky Alpha female. A total Daddy's girl - she has my husband wrapped around her little paw!

She loves sitting in laps and chasing Charlie around our backyard. She's feisty and not afraid to let you know when she wants something. 

We're planning to breed Luna with Charlie this Spring 2021 for a litter of Red Abstract AKC poodle puppies.

Charlie's 4 Generation Pedigree.jpg
Color genetics - ee, Bb, ayat, KBky, spsp
Brunhilde "Hilde Lou"

AKC Red Miniature Poodle

Expected to be 9 lb, 13" tall

Future Klaus Mama if all health testing is passed

Lives with a Guardian family