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Our Dams



AKC Apricot Parti Miniature Poodle

14 lb, 14" to shoulders

Luna was our family's first female mini and first ever Klaus Poodles Mama. She came all the way from Idaho!

She's very calm and well-mannered, and she has a lower energy level. She's content to sit in laps and nap on couches most of the day. Speaking of couches, Luna thinks she's a goat and loves perching on top of couches and chairs so she can watch what's going on.

She has more of an Alpha personality and she's the leader of the pack at our home.



AKC Red Miniature Poodle
10 lb, 13" to shoulders

"Dot" came from a breeder in Oklahoma. She lives with a Guardian family and two other poodles, including our sire, Franky. They grew up together and are inseparable.

She has a very pleasant disposition and she's eager to please. She acts as if every new person she meets is a long-lost friend.

Dot is very athletic. She runs fast and can jump high. She likes to zoom around the backyard doing figure eights.



AKC Phantom Abstract Miniature Poodle
16 lb, 15" at shoulders

Clara is our first black miniature poodle and we're excited to introduce this color.

Clara passed her health testing with flying colors and earned her OFA CHIC. Clara is on the timid side, but adjusts well in new situations. She has medium energy level.

Clara is the first poodle in our program who "points." Poodle pointing is an instinctual behavior that is rooted in their ancestry as hunting dogs. Poodles were originally bred to retrieve game from the water, and their pointing behavior was a way for them to alert their handlers to the presence of birds or other small game.

Emma & Zoey.jpg


CKC Blenheim Toy F1 Cavapoo
9 lb, 10 inches at shoulder

Emma is our adorable and rambunctious toy Cavapoo! She lives with a Guardian in downtown Houston where she loves playing with her Cavapoo sister, Zoey, and watching over her owner's chickens.

Emma is extremely smart and we're told she's an excellent guard dog - all 8 lbs of her!

Emma is an F1 Cavapoo. Her mother was a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and her father was a red toy poodle.