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AKC Apricot Parti Miniature Poodle

14 lb, 14" to shoulders

Luna was our family's first female mini and first ever Klaus Poodles Mama. She came all the way from Idaho!

She has an Alpha personality and she's the leader of the pack at our home. She's very calm and well-mannered, and she's a big time Daddy's girl and very attached to Mark.

Luna thinks she is a goat. We've never seen a poodle jump as high as Luna! She loves perching on top of couches and chairs so she can watch what's going on.

Luna has produced some gorgeous puppies and she's due with another litter in February 2023! We have a couple of spots open for this litter! See our Wait List page for more info.


AKC Red Miniature Poodle
10 lb, 13" to shoulders

"Dot" came from a breeder in Oklahoma. She lives with a wonderful Guardian family with three children who take her for walks at Hermann Park which is within walking distance of their home.

She has a very pleasant disposition and she's eager to please. She acts as if every new person she meets is a long-lost friend.

Dot is very athletic. She runs fast and can jump high. She likes to zoom around the backyard doing figure eights.

Photo Mar 15, 12 47 16 PM_edit.jpg

AKC Red Miniature Poodle
18 lb, 15" at shoulders

Coco is our largest female. She came from a breeder in Georgia and she has many dark red poodles in her pedigree.

She lives with a Guardian couple close by in Kingwood where she enjoys daily walks and lots of belly rubs and cuddles.

She's athletic and not afraid to roll around in the dirt (especially after being groomed!) and she always has a stuffed toy in her mouth.

Coco is having puppies in March 2023. We have a couple of spots open for this litter! See our Wait List page for more info.