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What is a Guardian?

A guardian home is a permanent, loving, forever home for a dog in our breeding program. This allows them to stay with one family and receive all the love and attention of a one on one pet!

As a guardian home, you would be taking one of our girls or boys into your home as your pet. He or she would still belong to us until they are retired from breeding, at or around 5 years old for females and a little older for males. At that time they will be altered at our expense and ownership will be transferred to the guardian.

The guardian home does not pay anything to take one of our dogs into their home but is responsible for the regular expenses pertaining to keeping a dog. This includes yearly vet exams, vaccinations, heartworm and flea preventative, and regular grooming (recommended every 6-8 weeks).

If you have a stud, he will be required to come to us for a few days at a time when needed for breeding. If you have a female, she would be left with us for around 1 week when she is in heat and for 8+ weeks when she has a litter, one to two times a year. Please make sure you are emotionally prepared to leave her with us for this period of time before agreeing to become a guardian home!

If this is something you and your family would like to be considered for, please fill out our application below and we will contact you when we have reviewed it to discuss dogs that may be a good fit for you!

Guardian Application

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