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Puppy - Week by Week Program

Weeks 1 & 2
Close, round-the-clock supervision
Daily weights to ensure weight gain

Vet visit for exam and tail dock

Week 4

Daily cuddle sessions
Moved to larger puppy pen with toys
Supervised visits with our children

Week 3
Daily cuddle sessions
Nail trim

Week 5
Daily cuddle sessions
Start potty training
Sanitary and nail trim
Pictures & temperament evaluations

Week 6
Daily cuddle sessions
Family visits/puppy selections
Introduce dry kibble and water bowl
Nail trim and deworm

Week 8

"Gotcha Day"
Buyer education/go-home folders
Breeder follow-up

Week 7
Daily cuddle sessions
Vet exam, 1st shots, fecal test, deworm
Professional grooming

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