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Puppy Buying Process

Your Step-by-step guide to buying a Klaus Poodles Puppy

We understand our process can be a little overwhelming at first glance, but our goal is to provide as much clarification as possible and to be transparent about how things work.

(Puppy pictured is a Klaus Poodles puppy, "Teddy")



Before you apply, I want you to have a good feel for who we are and the types of dogs we offer.  Please read through our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), check out our Puppy Nursery, and read the list of what our puppies comes with. You can also join our Facebook group where I document our daily lives with the puppies (I recognize not everyone has Facebook in which case hopefully one of your close friends or family members is willing and able to check us out on your behalf!).



Complete our Puppy Application. Don't worry, this in no way obligates you to put a deposit down or get a puppy. The purpose of this application is so I can get to know you a little better and make sure our puppy will be a good fit for you. Often times I will follow up with a phone call. Don't panic, this is a GOOD sign! I like to introduce myself and answer any additional questions you may have.


Agreement & Deposit

Once approved, I will ask you to complete and sign our Wait List Agreement. The contract will allow you to specify your preferences for size, gender, color, breed, etc. I will also give you payment information for your initial deposit of $200 which we typically take via Venmo or Zelle. This deposit reserves your spot on the waitlist, and it is not refundable. It will go toward the total purchase price of your puppy.



After you have completed a signed contract and paid the $200 deposit, you will be added to the waitlist and you will be given the password to access the waitlist. Not everyone on the waitlist is looking for the same thing which is why we have multiple wait lists broken down by breeds and colors. Your wait may be longer or shorter, depending on how specific you are about gender and coloring. 



I will contact you when you are toward the top of the waitlist and likely to be offered a puppy from one of the next successful pregnancies. I will be looking for confirmation that you will be ready and able to take a puppy in the next 2-4 months, and you will have the opportunity to confirm or update your preferences. I will make any updates to your original preferences at this time. If you are not ready, you will be left on the waitlist right where you are. 

Litter Assignment


Congratulations!!! You are at the top of the list and a puppy is born that matches your preferences! 


I will email you an offer to join the litter. This email will give you details about the litter, and will inform you of your pick order. For example, two puppies were born that match your preferences.  Based on your original deposit date you will have first or second pick of the two options.  (ie: you are 2nd pick of the red females.) Sometimes, when there are large variations in color or size, this selection process is unnecessary, as the spots are offered at birth according to specifications.

​If you choose to join the litter, you will pay an additional $300 toward the total cost of the puppy, and your deposit becomes non-transferable. If you decide to pass on the litter even though there's a puppy that matches your preferences, you can choose to wait for the next litter.



This is the fun part! I share frequent photos and videos of the puppies via Facebook so you can watch them grow and learn as we interact. The first 8 weeks of a puppy's life are amazing - they develop so much and so much that happens to them during this time influences their responses to things the rest of their life. It's really bonding to get to see these formative steps in your new baby's life. We take this role very seriously and the "proof is in the pudding" if you ask our puppy buyers!!



The Puppies are preparing for you:​

  • At 7-8 weeks of age, puppies visit the vet for a certified health report and vaccinations. I will disclose results of this exam to you.

  • They continue with socializing with our children and getting used to potty training with designated area/pee pads.

You are preparing for your puppy:

  • Confirm flight nanny or travel arrangements to the Houston George Bush (IAH) Airport.

  • Purchase Supplies.

  • Set up your puppy area.

  • Sign up for BAXTER&Bella training program using my discount code. Please start watching the videos now to prepare for bringing home puppy. This will make your experience with a new puppy much more enjoyable!

  • Review your final invoice. I will email invoices approximately two weeks before the puppy goes home. 


Final Payment

You will be emailed an invoice with your final balance approximately two weeks before your puppy goes home. Final payment is due when you pick up your puppy or 2 days prior to your Flight Nanny picking him or her up.


Puppy Homecoming

It's Gotcha Day! Puppies go home during their 8th week of life. You can come to my home in Spring, TX or drive or fly into the George Bush Intercontinental Airport to pick up your puppy, or I can recommend some flight nannies, who fly in the cabin with your puppy to your local airport. 


Your puppy will come to you with a goody bag that includes: their shot record, their blankie, toy, a small baggie of the food they are eating, and some training tips. 

You will need to continue with 3 more rounds of vaccinations every 3 weeks, and regular de-wormings as recommended by your vet. Please remember to keep all 4 paws off the floor when your puppy goes to public places, (including the park), until their vaccinations are complete.


It's really important that you keep up with early socialization and training! The first 16 weeks of a puppies life are the most formative. 

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