Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

We live 30 miles north of Houston, Texas in a town called Spring (77386).

How many dogs do you have?

Two - our sire, Charlie, and another miniature poodle named Luna. Charlie and Luna are our beloved family pets and we love to spoil them as much as possible!

Do you have any puppies or litters planned?

At this time, we're only loaning Charlie to breed with dams that are owned by other breeders. Check out our Upcoming Litters page and follow our Facebook Page to be the first to hear about Charlie's upcoming litters!

Are you doodle-friendly?

We don't discriminate against the responsible breeding of doodles. We appreciate honesty in letting us know your intentions when you contact us. Of course, we would like to ensure that your doodle program carefully health tests your dogs before choosing to breed them.

Do you offer live cover breeding service?

We are not offering live cover breeding at this time.

What are your requirements for the dam?

We require the dam to be progesterone-tested in order to carefully time the insemination and guarantee pregnancy. Some dams ovulate as early as 5 days while others ovulate as late as 23 days. The progesterone test is the only scientific way to ensure a dam is ready for breeding. This is the chart that we use to determine when the dam is ready for breeding. Asking our clients to use the progesterone test has resulted in a high success rate and prevents our customers from missing a pregnancy cycle opportunity.

When should I start testing my dam's progesterone?

The progesterone test can be done every 2-3 days starting about 3-5 days into heat. Timing of the test can be more certain if the lengths of the dam's previous heat cycles are known. 

Do you require a clear Brucellosis test?

Since we don't offer live cover breeding and Charlie doesn't have any physical contact with the dams, we do not require a clear Brucellosis test from the dam. We can provide a Brucellosis test for Charlie at the breeder's expense.

Will you take pick of the litter as payment?

At this time, we are not accepting pick of the litter as payment for stud service.

How does side-by-side insemination work?

When the dam's progesterone level indicates that she's ready, Charlie and I will meet you and your dam at our reproductive vet.

Can you ship semen internationally?

Yes. Our vet has the ability to freeze Charlie's semen for overseas shipping. We will work with a third party transportation company of your choosing (eg. Sires on Ice, Sirius Canine Fertility, Zoetis) to ensure that all the necessary paperwork and procedures are completed according to the laws and regulations of your country.

Does you use pellets or straws for shipping semen?

We do not use straws. We use the Camelot Farms pelleted method where the semen is stored in vials as the semen lives longer using this method. 

How does the shipped semen process work?

Once your dam's progesterone levels indicate that ovulation is close or occurring (5.0 ng/ml - 11 ng/ml), we will collect Charlie's semen, add an extender to prolong the life of the semen 48 or more hours, and use special packaging so that it stays fresh and chilled for as long as possible. The package will be sent via FedEx Overnight shipping. Once the semen arrives, we recommend inseminating your dam as quickly as possible.

What is Charlie's personal success rate when it comes to shipping his "goods" overnight?

Six out of 7 dams that have received shipped semen have become pregnant. One of our shipments went all the way to Colorado and the semen arrived in great condition 48 hours after it was extracted from Charlie and the dam had 8 pups!

How does the semen stay fresh when you ship it?

We mix the semen with an extender which preserves the semen and we package the vial of semen carefully in Styrofoam with a freezer pack to keep the semen chilled for 48 or more hours. 

How do you guarantee that your stud will be available when we need him?

We live 15 minutes from our vet and someone is always available to run Charlie over, even in the rare cases that we're out of town. We're fortunate to have a good relationship with Dr. McGuire and Dr. Feng at Suburbia North Animal Hospital. Their entire staff is wonderful they've always been extremely accommodating with last minute appointment requests. We also have a vet technician who can make last minute house calls if needed. 

What is Charlie's personality like?

Charlie is extremely friendly and he has never met a stranger. He’s very loving and affectionate. He is calm, laid back, and very obedient. He is NOT an Alpha dog. He does great with my 3 young sons, elderly cat, and our other mini poodle.


What is Charlie's success rate as a stud?

Charlie has successfully impregnated 11 of the 14 (79%) dams he has been bred with. Seven of these breedings were done via shipped semen.

What health testing do you do?

We health test for the poodle panel (PRA-PRCD, DM, NEsW, vWD1, through Animal Genetics) as well as 170+ other canine genetic health risks via Embark testing. 

Does Charlie have all reds in his pedigree? Is he genetically color-tested?

Charlie has all reds and a couple of apricots going back 4 generations. He is genetically color-tested and his results can be viewed here. Charlie can produce creams, apricots, reds, and blacks.

Does Charlie carry the IC (improper coat) gene?

Charlie's genetic testing shows that he does not have the improper coat gene.

Does Charlie carry the fading gene?

Charlie's genetic testing shows that he does not carry the dilution / fading gene.

What is the texture of Charlie's coat?

Charlie has a very thick and curly coat which is reflected in his genetic results (TT). Like all purebred poodles, he does not shed.

Does Charlie carry the Parti gene?

Charlie does not carry the Parti gene. He does, however, carry the Phantom color gene. He's produced some gorgeous Phantom puppies!

Does Charlie have any champions in his pedigree?

Yes. Charlie's paternal Grandfather is a USA Grand Champion and his maternal Grandfather is a Grand Champion of Russia, just to name a few. Check out Charlie's Family Tree.

How often do you breed Charlie?

To ensure quality, Charlie can be collected only once per 24 hour period. Some weeks Charlie has no collections at all. Other weeks he may have 2-3 collections. For Charlie's sake, we try to give him as much rest in between breedings as possible.

What happens if my dam doesn't get pregnant?
Our contract offers a free rebreed should your dam not get pregnant (vet and shipping fees would still apply).

Do you recommend 1 or 2 AIs?

A single AI is usually sufficient due to timing the insemination just right with the progesterone testing, and Charlie has great success with single AIs. However, if you're using frozen semen, the dam has known fertility issues, or the dam has never gotten pregnant, we recommend 2 breedings.

Do you perform fertility testing on your stud on a regular basis?

Yes, we have a reproductive vest test Charlie's semen at least once a month to ensure the semen count, motility, and morphology all looks normal. 

What's the smallest litter Charlie has sired?

The smallest litter Charlie has sired is 4 puppies with a miniature poodle.

What's the largest litter Charlie has sired?

The largest litter Charlie has sired is 9 puppies with a GoldenDoodle.

Does insemination result in smaller litters?

Litter size is determined by the number of eggs the dam releases at ovulation and has nothing to do with the way she is bred or the number of times she's bred. Charlie has produced 9 puppies from a single insemination!

What's more effective, AI or implant?

Surgical implant has the highest fertility rate and breeding success since the semen is placed directly into the anterior uterus, however it requires the dam to be placed under anesthesia and a small abdominal incision is made and it's more expensive than AI. Surgical implant is recommended in cases where there are known fertility issues for the male or female or when using frozen semen.

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