Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have puppies available now?

We do not currently have any puppies available, and our puppies are usually spoken for quickly after birth by those on our wait list.


What is the process to buy a Klaus Poodles puppy?

The first step in securing a spot on our wait list is to complete our Puppy Application to help us determine if we'll have a puppy that meets what you're looking for within your timeframe and budget. Click here to see our step-by-step process on how to buy a Klaus Poodles puppy.

Do you give breeding rights?

No. All of our puppies are sold as pet only, with a strict spay/neuter contract. 

How much are your puppies?

All of our Poodle puppies are $4,000. Our Cavapoo puppies are $5,000. This is regardless of size, gender, or color. The deposit to join the waitlist is $200. The deposit to reserve a puppy after they're born is $300. Deposits are non-refundable and they go toward the total cost of the puppy.

Why are your puppies so expensive?

Quality comes at a price! Our dogs have been health tested and most have been color and coat tested too! We are committed to raising healthy, happy puppies backed by a comprehensive health guarantee. "Cheaper" puppies can possibly lead to even higher veterinarian costs to you and can cause a lot of heartache and devastation in the end. Why take that chance? You will have this new family member for a long time so you can be confident with your selection.


Not to mention, your puppy receives extensive one-on-one care and attention from being whelped, socialized, and raised inside our home instead of a kennel.

What do your puppies come with?

To see a complete list of what our puppies come with, click this link.

Where are you located? Do you deliver puppies out of state?

We are located in Spring, Texas, near Houston. We can recommend a flight nanny who will fly in cabin with your puppy to your local airport. I am also happy to meet you at the George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) with your puppy, or to welcome you to my home where the puppies are raised if you would like to fly or drive in to pick up your puppy. 

What is the full-grown size of your puppies?

On average, our puppies are 12-15ish pounds full grown.  Some have been as small as 10 pounds full grown, and some as large as 22 lb.  While there is no way to guarantee full grown size, the size of the parents is the best indicator.  I will tell you the full-grown size of the parents, and the full grown size of past puppies between the same parents (if they have had a previous litter). While most siblings stay around the same size, we have had litters where there was clearly a pup who was smaller/larger than the rest and remained that way into adulthood. We can also share what size the puppy is charting to be full grown based on current size. 

When can my puppy come home?

The puppies stay with me until their 8th week of life. I will give you a 3 day window for pick up/delivery of your puppy. If you can't take the puppy home during this window, please wait for another litter. 

How often do you breed your Mama dogs?

This is a really important question to me, because I feel strongly that all dogs should be primarily PETS.  Our mommy dogs are never bred past the age of 5 and then they are spayed so they can enjoy a well deserved break for the rest of their lives. We work with a reproductive specialist who guides all of our breeding choices. Each mating is done under supervision of the specialist.

Are your parents health-tested? Do you offer a Health Guarantee?

Each of our parent dogs has been screened for hereditary diseases in the particular variety of the poodle breed as recommended by the American Kennel Club (AKC). We use genetic testing companies such as Embark, Animal Genetics, and PawPrint Genetics. We also use testing recommended by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) such as hip x-rays, knee exams, etc.


There is a one-year genetic health guarantee on all of our puppies. We are confident in this guarantee as we do so much testing before a breeding is even planned. Should something horrible happen and your dog develops genetic disease that significantly alters their quality of life, we will either refund for treatment or provide you with a new puppy. 

What methods do you use for raising your puppies?

Our method has been heavily influenced by well researched experts, including The Puppy Culture Method and The BadAss Breeder Protocols, among others. Our method is unique to our family dynamic and the specific goals we have for our puppies. Different breeds have different "jobs," and we have specific goals for our puppies which may not be realistic for other breeds, and vice versa. Our method has been very successful at providing new families with well-adjusted, bright, and easily trainable puppies. They are very used to new experiences and being handled by humans. Their job is "loving companion."

What kind of updates can I expect while my puppy is in your care?

Transparency is key when it comes to responsible breeding. I've seen puppy mills and they are absolutely heart breaking.  I post regularly on my Facebook group so you can watch the puppies grow. By watching, you also get a healthy dose of a chaotic household with young children. I don't try to edit this for you. I'd rather you be confident that you are getting an actual glimpse of what happens each day with your puppies and see our mess and hear our noise. 


Being in a household like ours is part of what makes our puppies good pets. By the time they've left our house, they've been exposed to a multitude of sounds, smells, textures, other dogs, and have been handled by all ages of people and given as many new experiences as we can safely come up with for them. 

What kind of vaccinations and preventative care takes place before my puppy comes home?

Puppies are de-wormed every two weeks, and kept up-to-date on vaccinations from our vet. 


Do you have the puppy's declaws removed? What about tail docking?

I usually do not remove dew claws in this breed. They are usually only born with a very small front dew claw, which does not need to be removed. If you choose to have dew claws removed, you can have your vet do so during their spay/neuter. 

I do usually have the tails docked unless a buyer prefers a natural tail.