Our Story

Hi! We're Mark and Crystal Klaus, the owners behind Klaus Poodles. We live in Spring, Texas which is just north of Houston.


The poodle breed has always been near and dear to our hearts. Crystal grew up with two standard poodles. Mark's childhood dog was a cockapoo who he adored so much he included him in his High School Senior portrait!

Dog breeding was not something on our radar nor something we envisioned being able to squeeze into our busy schedules. Crystal works in an IT department for an oil and gas company and Mark runs a manufacturing plant that makes aluminum cans (Texans love their beer!). Not to mention we're raising 3 small children. But a couple of things happened that led us to the decision to start breeding.

In the process of trying to find our first family dog in 2019, we discovered a shortage of AKC miniature poodle breeders in our area and our local poodle rescue organization disqualified us from adopting because of our small children. It occurred to us that we can't be the only ones having such a hard time finding a miniature poodle.

We wound up finding a wonderful poodle in the Dallas area, however the adoption process was fraught with mistakes and "red flags." 


For example, neither of our puppy's parents were health-tested, even just for the common poodle genetic disorders. The importance of health testing wasn't on our radar at the time and thankfully ended up being a non-issue; however, we're big believers that health testing should be part of every breeder's program.


We never saw Charlie pictured with his littermates or mother, and we had to beg the breeder for his 2 somewhat blurry puppy photos. We weren't allowed to pick Charlie up from the breeder's home. She sent someone to give us Charlie at a Cracker Barrel near her home. He had no socialization skills, an ear infection, and he was behind on his vaccinations. We later learned through DNA testing that Charlie was not the grandson of a Grand Champion as listed on his AKC pedigree and that his breeder had registered him under the wrong dad.

No one should ever experience what we went through sadly we know we're not alone. Breeders can and should do better for their customers and most importantly, their dogs!!! It's for all of these reasons that we decided to start breeding and our program has grown from there.


It's been an absolute joy, honor, and privilege to raise these wonderful dogs and share their pups with such wonderful families and individuals and we look forward to continuing to do so in the coming years.

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"Before you get a dog, you can't quite imagine what living with one might be like; afterward, you can't imagine living any other way."

Caroline Knapp