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Puppy Nursery


We whelp our litters in the peace and quiet of our master bedroom away from our other dogs and children. This also allows us to keep a close eye on Mom and babies around the clock. We weigh the puppies daily until they're 2 weeks old to ensure they're gaining weight and then weekly after that. Our vet examines the puppies twice - once when they're a few days old and again a week before they go to their forever homes.


Peace of Mind

Someone is usually home 24x7, especially during the first few weeks after the puppies are born. In the rare event our whole family has to leave to run a quick errand, we use our Nest web camera to closely monitor Mom and the puppies from our cell phones.

Sensory Development

When the puppies are about three weeks old, we move them out of our bedroom to our office. This starts exposing them to different everyday household sights and sounds. They hear everything from Amazon deliveries, to Zoom calls, to our son playing the piano.



When the puppies are about 3-4 weeks old, our three sons start spending short, supervised visits with the puppies. We believe that early exposure to children in a controlled setting sets them up for success to have wonderful, loving relationships with children in the future. Our buyers say our puppies do great around their children and grandchildren.

Outdoor Play

Weather permitting, we try to give the pups a chance to play outside as much as possible, especially while we're cleaning their pen. This is also our opportunity to introduce them to outdoor potty training on grass.

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