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Puppy Nursery



All of our litters are whelped in the peace and quiet of our master bedroom where we can keep a close eye on Mom and babies.

ENS & Socialization

Our puppies are introduced to Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) exercises starting 3 days after the puppies are born to improve the growth and development of the pup's immune system, cardivascular system, and tolerance.

We also include short visits with our young children to get the puppies used to people of all ages and sizes.


Puppy Development

Around the time the puppies turn 4 weeks, we move them out of our bedroom to a bigger play area in our family kitchen area/sunroom.


This gives them more room to play and stretch their legs. This also gives them more exposure to lots of different everyday household sights and sounds.

Outdoor Play

Weather permitting, we try to give the pups a chance to play outside as much as possible, especially while we're cleaning their pen. This is a great introduction to getting them to "go potty" on grass and getting them used to being outdoors.

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