Guardian Home Qualifications

Guardians must meet the following minimum set of requirements:

- Live within an hour of Houston, Texas

- Have a fenced in yard

- Have previous experience owning a dog or adequate knowledge on caring for a poodle

- Provide the dog with proper health care and exercise

- Keep up with grooming (both professionally and at home) including regular brushing and bathing.

- Feed the dog only approved foods and supplements

- Be willing to teach basic commands such as sit, stay, and lay down

- Be willing to socialize puppies - this is very important!

- Be willing to keep the dog inside and never leave the dog unattended outside

- Be willing to neuter or spay other dogs in the home unless otherwise approved by us and never allow the dog to mate with any unapproved dogs

- Allow us, the breeder, visit your home at least once every few months

- If you are a guardian for a female dog, you must be willing to drop her off for 1-2 weeks while she is bred and then 1 week prior to her whelping date. She will stay with us until the puppies are weaned (usually around 4-6 weeks)

- If you are a guardian for a male dog, you must be willing to take him to the vet for breedings unless arrangements are made ahead of time for us to pick him up.


- Be able to communicate with us, the breeder, about scheduling testing, mating, whelping and anything else breeding related.

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