About Us

Our original intent was not to be dog breeders, but we instantly fell head-over-heels in love with our first family dog, Charlie, and we wanted others to experience the same joy that Charlie brings our family! I grew up with standard poodles, and my husband's childhood dog was a poodle mix who he absolutely adored, so the poodle breed has always been near and dear to our hearts.

I have worked in the IT department for the same Oil and Gas company for the last 16 years and most of my work is done from home which allows me to spend lots of time with our dogs. My husband runs a manufacturing plant that makes aluminum cans (Texans love their beer!). The professionalism and integrity we bring to our day jobs is something that we try to carry over to our breeding service. Our #1 goal (besides healthy puppies), is to make the process go as smoothly and seamlessly as possible.

We have three sweet little boys and puppy helpers - Max (7), Jack (5), and Liam (3) which means our puppies get the benefit of being socialized from an early age!

We have met so many wonderful people through breeding. We would love the opportunity to work with you! Please drop us a line when you're ready for your new furever friend and we would be happy to help you.

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The Klaus Family 2020

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Crystal & Nikki (1992)

Crystal & Luna (2020)

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Crystal & Eva (RIP, 2007-2020)